Sunday, February 10, 2013

The big chop

This past Wednesday we encountered a few traumatic minutes at the Duncan house.   We were having a normal peaceful day.  The kids were being themselves.  Zadie played all morning, Dutch was a little cranky, but he is teething, so that is to be expecting.  

About 3:00 I got Dutch up from his nap, I laid him down to change his diaper when I noticed a wad of hair wrangled around his little middle toe.  I went to pull the hair out, and as soon as I touched it, Dutch let out a loud scream, yanking his legs up.  Immediately, I knew this was going to take a little more effort and upon examination I realized that the wad of hairs was wrapped around, around, around, around and around hit teensy toe.  

My mind was reeling with thoughts, and within a few short seconds I pictured Dutch in high school, running track with a missing toe.  (I am not sure why I pictured him on the track?)  My heart sank and I burst into tears because the fate of my babies toe was to be determined in the next few minutes or hours... (This is the panic I felt at least.  I know it wouldn't have fallen off, but it goes to show you how ones mind can race so quickly!

I immediately called the nurse triage unit at our pediatricians office and left a message.  Then I called my husband, and he laughed at me.  He told me to simply pull the hairs out from between his toes, but what he couldn't see was the more I pulled the hairs to free the toe, the tighter they wound.  (My poor baby!!)  Luckily he works just a few minutes away from our house, so because of my panic, he came home to free the toe. 

He walked through the door and I was standing at the door holding Dutch. He pulled up his toe, and immediately began yanking the hair off.  He had no concern that the hair would slice into his skin, it seemed as if he could not hear the screaming coming from our poor child; he was in "rescue mode".   In a few short seconds he had the toe freed, and was in his car back to work.  

So because of this little toe incident (after I called the pediatrician to cancel my message to the nurse) I picked up the phone and called my trusty hair cutter person... And scheduled an appointment to chop off my hair.  

Because of this nasty post pregnancy shed I have been meaning to cut my hair for some time.  Hairs are floating around our house like leaves falling in late September.  It's all pretty gross. As beautiful as my long locks were, it was time to put the health and cleanliness of my family above my vanity and chop it off.  (Plus, it took almost 30 minutes to blow-dry, I have NO time for that!)

Below is my instaframe collage of the whole experience.  I think it pretty much sums it up.  

Thanks for reading. 
Left: Before shot
Right: After shot 

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