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Legos... I mean LEGO! Learn a little bit about yourself and take my LEGO Personality Quiz

Hi.  I am a mom of a KFOL who is also commonly known in the LEGO world a KSB.  If you have no idea what I just said, please keep reading.  
Are you an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO)?  What about an AFFOL (adult female fan of LEGO)? Or maybe a TFOL (teen fan of LEGO)?  Are you a parent of a KFOL (kid fan of LEGO), also known as a POKFOL?  (Do you feel smarter yet?!)

Are you lost in translation right now?  Let me fill you in.
Haven't you ever heard of the "Bricktionary"? Gah.  Where do you live?  Under a rock?!  I was trying to look up a slang term for LEGO obsessed, my Google search failed me, but I stumbled upon the "Bricktionary".  I couldn't help but have fun with some of the terms I discovered, like Grüschteling the word in German used to describe the sound of rummaging through a bucket of LEGO bricks.  (If you have ever played with LEGOs you know exactly what I am talking about!!) ... A whole new world was opened up to me, and I suddenly realized I had a lot to learn.  This Mom needed to be "LEGO-cated". 

First if you are a parent to a KFOL (like me) why don't you take the LEGO personality quiz.  I whipped this bad boy up after a 12 hour LEGO binge I assisted my son in.   We were quarantined in our house for 72 hours due to the influenza plague striking our nation, so I had some extra time on my hands.  Forgive me.  (But, I hope you enjoy.)

Created by: Yours Truly (you're welcome)

1.  What is your role when you play LEGOs with you child?  Are you:
  • (3) The Builder- You exhibit many OCD tendencies and you must be in control at.all.times.  If there is one piece missing you look relentlessly all day to find it, even turning the entire house upside down because you know that you know, that you know, you saw it by the couch 2 days ago.
  • (2)  The Parts Monkey -One who selflessly finds LEGO elements for another during build time. If building sets, parts monkeys are permitted to help with sub-assemblies, but should be aware that their main duty is to provide the builder with what he/she needs**.
  • (1)  A Luggle- Non-lego folk** (adapted from term Muggles from the Harry Potter Series) (Which *gasp* I have never read, so I don't really get this, BUT I like the word anyways.)

2. What is your LEGO building positioning?
  • (3) At the table, with a magnifying glass table lamp, checking the security of every brick as you build piece by piece.  You. Are. A. Lego. Master. Congrats.  Stop now, and proceed to the Purist aisle. Thanks for coming.  
  • (2) On the floor, sitting criss cross applesauce, so you can reach LEGO bricks within reach, building on the unstable carpet until your knees go numb and you can no longer wiggle your toes.
  • (1) On the floor, laying on your stomach.  The longevity of this position is the shortest, eventually the small of your back will feel as if it is bearing the load of a baby elephant and your neck muscles want to give out. Any LEGO enthusiast can tell you this is only recommended when building "Vigs".  (the lego term for small Vignettes**) (Duh)

3.  When your child asks you to play LEGOs with them do THEY:
  • (3) Build along side of you, picking out the correct pieces as you help assemble.  (muahaha, yeah right!  If you answered yes, you are in complete parental denial.  Now this may hold true for the first 2 minutes of play or if your child is older than 12.)
  • (2) Play with the 2 men the "Bignette" (larger version than a vignette**) came with, running around the house, screaming while you are losing your mind trying not to cuss.  But, still "technically" they are playing LEGOs
  • (1) Watching yo gabba gabba while you are in the dining room going insane because the lego set has collapsed 5 times since you started 2 hours ago. 

4.  Which type of 'blocks' (or sorry, pardon me, I meant to say 'bricks') do you use?
  • (3) LEGOs- the name brand blocks that you could eventually resell on ebay and send your kid to Harvard with all the proceeds
  • (2) Duplos- bahahahaha, you only think you are playing legos with your kid. bahahahaha. Just. Wait. 
  • (1) Clone Brand or Crap-o-Blocks- Any rival building system, such as mega blocks, Tyco or Coco **

5. What is your favorite color of LEGO?  (Now you have no excuse for not using the correct color terms.  Consider yourself enlightened.)
  • (3) Trans Invisible- Term to describe the color of a clear LEGO brick**
  • (2) Bred- Term to describe a brick that is brownish red **
  • (1)  Blaersk- The slightly different, new shade of Maersk Blue**
  • (0) Bley- The derogatory term given to the new grey colors introduced by LEGO in 2004**  

6:  Do you like adding personality to your MOC (My Own Creation, refers to original LEGO creations**)? If so, which best fits your builder fancy?
  • (3) Greeble: Adding small parts to make it look fancy ** If you like the little flowers pieces, doors, windows and colored clear "dots"(the pieces that are so enticing to pop in your mouth and chew the LEGO life out of [or does this just pertain to me?]), this is you. 
  • (2) BOLOCS: Built Of Lots Of Colors** (I like how this acronym doesn't identify the meaning of the last letter...come one Bricktionary!
  • (1) You like to sit on the floor and sift around in the LEGO box hearing the sound of the LEGOs mixing together, this sound is called, Grüschteling**, for those of you who do not know.  Aka: LEGO sensory therapy. Ahhhhhhh....

7: Which is the correct term?

  • (5) LEGO
  • (0) Legos (Endearing (but utterly incorrect) term used by foolish Americans**)(Those Americans!)

8:  When assembling LEGO "Vigs" or "Bigs" for your children, do you REALLY want to:

  • (3) Literally throw an adult sized tantrum, screaming, cursing, throwing LEGOs across the room because the 8th time you try and add an intricate piece on the very top, you crush the entire set, thus sending you into a complete and utter LEGO tailspin, becoming the person you wish your children would never see.   (good, then you're a normal human being, whew!)
  • (2) Avoid the scenario by adding one or two bricks, looking like you care, but really, not so much.  You'd rather be watching Anderson Cooper or checking your e-mail.
  • (1) pshhht... I don't build the LEGO sets, my spouse gets that job.  

9: Which version of LEGOs do you own the most of?

  • (3) Star Wars- On shelves, right now, these are the most expensive.  I saw a teenage girl buy a set for $450 last week.  Seriously.  I am SO glad we are not at that stage yet,  yikes.
  • (2)  Super Heroes-  Of course you can buy super hero toothpaste, animal crackers, underwear, why not buy super hero LEGOS too? 
  • (1) Ninjago- hiiiii-yah!  You are supercool.  They have Ninjago EVERYTHING. Even a TV show. 
  • (1000)  Rocking Horse Poo: Very rare elements** that you buy on E-bay or on the LEGO black market behind the Mexican Flea Market on Saturdays at 10th and Penn. (This is an actual term in the Bricktionary, I cannot make this up)
Now... add up all your points... 

Congratulations.  Your LEGO personality is:

1024-25: Purist: A LEGO-fan who only uses official LEGO elements. Or a LEGO creation that only contains official LEGO elements with no modifications or custom parts. Contrast with Custom**

24-15: Customizer: a LEGO-fan who is not afraid to modify LEGO parts. Customizing may include painting, cutting, drilling, melting LEGO elements, adding other non-LEGO parts to a creation, or adding details with custom-made stickers and decals. These are all considered herecy by a “purist”.**

14-0: KSB: Abbreviation used in polite company to identify a less than brilliant builder among you. ** (and I have NO CLUE what KSB stands for?  You must have to be in the inner sanctum of LEGO nerdery to know this true meaning?)

Thank you for your time.  I am officially OD on L.E.G.O. (is that term allowed?) good night. 

All terms with a ** denotes that it was a definition derived from the Bricktionary at 

  1.  or

Your welcome. Now, please, have 

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