Friday, November 1, 2013

A Halloween Reminisce...

So.  Yesterday was Halloween.

We were driving to our Fall Party with friends when Daxx asked me "So, Mom, why do we celebrate Halloween?  What does Halloween mean?"

I wasn't sure how to answer him.  I knew his little tender heart could not take the real answer.  I felt a twinge of conviction, so I had to think quickly.  Being the sly deviant mother that I am I dodged all bullets with complete finesse and asked him, "So what did Elliott dress up as today?"...

SUCCESS... Crisis diverted, sticky situation skirted. Daxx went on for 20 minutes talking about his classmates costumes.

I guess, we will have to address this topic in the years to come, but honestly I am still enjoying the innocence of my children dressing up in fun costumes and watching them run from house to house, yelling "trick or treat" at the tops of their lungs, all while standing with outstretched arms and wide-eyes as candy is tossed into their buckets.

A part of me LOVES Halloween. I am not sure why... maybe because for one evening out of the year, I get a taste of "community".  I see children running carelessly through the streets, adults walking alongside in groups, talking and laughing, the sun setting as we circle blocks and wave hello to neighbors.   For one night the walls of politics are broken down, family drama set aside, religious disputes tabled; neighbors become friends and communities are brought together with one purpose... the children.

It is ironic (don't you think)... that the night we encourage community is the same night we teach our children to pretend to be someone they are not.  The idea that it is fun to talk to our neighbor when we wear a mask, or it's normal to laugh and wave hello when we are donning a costume.   All of this in comparison to the other 364 days of the year, when we keep our distance, make conversations short and avoid contact at all cost....

Confusing... even for me.


I don't know.  Maybe all this thinking is too deep for such a sugary holiday.

But, it is something to think about.  (Well, something I think about?) 

Nevertheless, I enjoy Halloween.  I admit it.

I am curious... WHAT IS YOUR HALLOWEEN REFLECTION? Do you agree?  Disagree?  Do you share the "meaning" of halloween with your young child?

For your enjoyment I have added a few pictures from Halloweens past.

DAXX'S Frist Halloween Costume... he went to Trunk-or-Treat as "DENVER" 

Daxx's costume was "a trucker"... classy, right?

2011: Zadie was a Lady Bug and Daxx was Spiderman

2012: Zadie was Ariel and Daxx was Flash... Dutch was "shark bait" which you can see his picture below. 


2013: Dutch as Buzz Lightyear, Daxx as Spiderman, and Zadie as Sulley.

Thanks for reading friends....

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