Thursday, May 2, 2013

Little Brother Sneak Attack

One of my kid's favorite games is "camping".  They pack little suitcases, they get out the sleeping bags and pop up the Thomas Tent.  Yes.  The mess is insane, but the memories are worth it.  One evening they were laying in their "camp site" and I had to snap a few pictures to preserve such a sweet memory.  I was going through my phone this week and I saw this little progression of pics and is a perfect "snap shot" of a candid moment in our house.

Scene 1:
Here are the kids "camping", Daxx pretending to sleep and Zadie playing along.

Scene 2: A little blurry, forgive me, but do you see Dutch crawling into the tent behind Zadie?  Very Very Sneaky...

Scene 3:
Dutch has made it all the way into the tent... one little toe sticking out.  I am pretty sure Zadie is unaware of her brother's creeping...

Scene 4:
Here he comes back out, his little arm making an appearance.  Zadie has no idea what's about to hit her.

Scene 5:
annnnnd... POUNCE! Surprise attack from the little bro!

Scene 6:
Daxx is seemingly unamused, Zadie cracking up and Dutch moving on... (Sibling Perfection)

Thanks for reading on this cold blustery MAY DAY!!! 

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