Monday, April 1, 2013

A 9 Month Letter to My Boy

This was the best Easter Pic we could get yesterday... lol.  I love it because I feel like it's a true snapshot of our current life.   Ha. (Notice the bare feet on Dutch Boy...)

Do you know those sweet little letters that some Mommies write to their babies as they grow up?  Usually, they have a blog and they list their favorite foods, what their interests are, and how much they have grown... They usually start at 1 week, then 1 month, then 2-12 months.. then some times if they are really devoted they will keep it up, but mostly after a year the mother doesn't have time...because she is chasing a toddler.

I am a pretty "unsentimental" person for the most part.  I don't have any special "toys" saved in my mothers attic (because she has moved umpteen times) and I couldn't tell you where Daxx's "home from the hospital" outfit was located?  I take pictures of my children, but probably should take more.  None of my children have a 0-12 picture line up with them and a darling stuffed animal, and NONE of my kids have a scrap book.  Go ahead and dish out some demerits my way for slacking on my Mommy-game, I know I deserve a few.  Secretly, I am hoping that my "unsentimentalness" will rub off on them and they won't care.  

Anyways...  enough rambling. 

I had to go to Target today to buy those handy "plug-in-cover-thingys" so I can prevent child #3 from electrocuting himself in the very near future.  I took all three kids, which is no biggy if we are running in for 1-2 items, AND THIS WAS AN URGENT MATTER.  Typically I gather my gaggle of children in this manner: Daxx walks, Zadie rides in the back of the cart and Dutch rides in the front.  Today, as I was standing in the end cap of the aisle, looking for the right "plug-in-cover-thingys" I turn around and realize my 9 MONTH OLD BABY IS STANDING UP IN THE FRONT OF THE CART.   Not only is he standing in the front seat of the cart flailing his arms in the air, my daughter and older son are laughing at him, encouraging his wild behavior.  I immediately chucked my goods into the cart, and scooped up my crazy child.  Then all of a sudden Zack Morris called a "time out" and I instantly became aware of my surroundings... who is at Target at 11:00 on a Monday morning, you ask?  MOMS, LOTS AND LOTS OF MOMS... Toting babies in their Ergo carriers, sipping their Starbucks, looking at cloth diapers... and then I immediately became aware that I was (insert hand-resting-on-foreheadTHAT MOM... The mom that gets all the stares from the other Mom's because she can't control her child, yup THAT MOM.  Oy, Vey... I was the recipient of "Silent Mom Shaming". (That always makes you feel warm and fuzzy)

As I scurried to the checkout, because Zadie needed to go pee-pee... I began to think... "Oh little Mommies with one little kid strapped to your bosoms... if you ONLY knew my life.  Muhahaha"  

Then as we were checking out, the synic came out in me, "I bet all those mom's write those cute letter's to their children... if they could only read the letter I would write THIS child, lol" .. I began to laugh out loud as I pieced together a letter for Dutch...."my boy likes, toilets, mud, electric sockets..."  (You can see why I was cracking up.)   So, I decided to give it life... here it goes.  

Dear Dutch, 

Sweet Baby Dutch, bahahaha... actually you haven't been "Sweet Baby Dutch" since you were 2 months old... You are an adventurous, tenacious, concentrated ball of energy!  Yesterday we ate breakfast at church in the gymnasium, and your screeching could be heard in every corner of the room. We like to call you "Babysaurus" because your noises freakishly resemble a pterodactyl, unless you are trying to whisper, then you sound like Gollum. 

Currently, your favorite pass time in playing in the toilet.  I have actually LOST COUNT on how many times I have pulled you away from the toilet.  Its quite gross.  We have tried shutting the door, keeping the lid closed, and even baby gates... but still you succeed.  You have already stuck a sock in the toilet, one you pulled off your own foot.  I was pretty impressed with the extent of that trick; taking off the sock, keeping up with the sock on the way to the toilet, then splashing it around in the water... I can tell you are going to be very focused one day.  But, the good news about the toilet obsession is that Mommy has the cleanest toilet in town, AND you haven't contracted any disgusting illnesses yet.  Win, win! 

You also like electrical outlets.  I actually had to buy the "plug-in-cover-thingys" to put throughout the house because I am convinced you will probably stick your tongue in one if I am not looking. 

Usually when I get you up from a nap your pant-less.  You're full of tricks little man!! 

Upon trying to put your pants or diaper on, you go into a full on alligator roll.. and at times you have been known to arch your back so extreme that you stand on your head all while I am velcroing your diaper.  Your such a trailblazer, inventing moves at such a young age.  

Now, this is the part of the letter where I am supposed to tell you how much you have grown, and all... but truth is you are TINY.  Just like all the children in our family.  Keeping up the tradition of itsy bitsy babies... it also freaks people out with they see you stand up, they assume you are 3 months old... hehee... the tricks on them, huh little guy!!   You eat and eat and eat... veggies are your favorite, second only to "microscopic-bits-of-trash" on the floor.  Sister is also good at knowing when you have spotted a tasty shred of deliciousness you picked up on your own.  (Don't worry, they eat boogers, so they aren't judging)

You have been sleeping through the night for a while.  Thanks to the bottle, and the fact that I might not hear you when you cry at night  (because I am so tired from chasing you all day).  You nap, but you hate it.  Most of the time you scream your head off for 10 minutes, then conk out.  (By the way, you scream loud.... very, very loud) 

You still hate the carseat. the. end.

You LOVE to dance, you LOVE music.  You LOVE when Daxx and I put oranges in our mouths at lunchtime... you think we are funny.  teehee.  You LOVE to tackle people and things... You LOVE the bath, but you hate getting out.  You LOVE to stand up in the front of the cart in Target and wave your arms in the air, like you just don't care!  You like fun!  You don't like rules, you don't like restrictions, you don't like to be told NO!  But don't worry, God gave you the perfect Mommy to help you with that (wink, wink) 

With Love, 
One Lucky Blessed Mommy


  1. This is one of the best I've ever read. Laughed so much!

    1. Thanks Lauren. What a difference having more children makes, and what a difference having a fearless performer makes!! :) ha!! Dutch will be fun to watch grow. I am sure this won't be my last funny story on him. :)

  2. Love love this honest peek into your life. We had very tiny babies too, I prefer that kind actually. :) They don't outgrow their cute-sy clothes so fast. The downside is that everyone thinks you are starving are a good mom, Heather. I can just tell!:)

    1. Thank you Wanda!! :) I have enjoyed blogging, though I am so new to it. Yes. I should write a blog on my adventure with producing tiny babies. It has been quite a roller coaster of a ride, and only those mom's who have had tiny kids can understand. We actually had to have Daxx (our oldest) tested for CF because they couldn't figure out why he wasn't gaining weight... well... fortunately he did NOT have CF, he is healthy as an ox, but we now know we just produce little people. hehe :) And thanks for the compliment. By God's grace I am doing the best i know how. :)


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