Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Conversations: Episode 1

I'd like to call the following conversation:

Reasoning with a 5 year old

Last week we had chick-fil-a for dinner. Chick-fil-a is guilt-free fast food.  At least thats how I feel.  All of the "May I help you"'s and "It's my pleasure"'s cancels out the excessive peanut oil and sodium.  Lately if we go to Chick-fil-a we drive-thru.  I haven't told you this yet, but I.LOVE.DRIVE.THRUS.  With 3+ kids your priorities and loyalties change all together.  The minivan is a horse drawn carriage and stumbling on a Chick-fil-a or Starbucks drive thru with NO LINE makes you happier than finding your favorite pair of shoes on the clearance rack.  (I mean the shoe analogy might be a stretch for you, but a shoe sale makes this woman on cloud nine!)

We were at Chick-fil-a and this happened: 

Me:  Okay Daxx, what do you want? 

Daxx:  I want a crabby patty! (<---- what he calls a hamburger with pickles and mustard. only.)

Me:  We are at Chickfila, they don't have crabby patties.  I got you chicken nuggets. 

Daxx: NOOOOOO... I want a crabby patty!!!  (Beginning to flail about in the back seat, voice getting higher pitched by the second....)

Me:  They only have CHICKEN at CHICK.fil.a.  That's why its called "CHICK" fil-a!!  Chicken. Chick.  Get it?! 

Daxx:  (Still frustrated) So.  Are their french-fries like little-chicken-waffles made out of chickens but they taste like potatoes?  I want potato fries, not chicken fries. 

Me:  No.  Their fries are made of potatoes.  Like all the other french fries we eat.

Daxx:  Then your wrong.  They don't ONLY have chicken.

Me: sigh...   

Living and reasoning with a 5 year old is so much fun. So. Much. Fun. 

Reasoning with a 2 year old 

The following conversation is one that I have EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. at nap time. Every. Day.  Did I say everyday?  Okay.  Yea, everyday.  

Me: Zadie, you need to go get in bed for rest time. 

Zadie:  Noooooo.... (beginning to melt her little 3 foot body to the floor)

Me:  Yes.  Come on.  When you get up, you can get a snack! (Snacks are my daughters love language.) 

Zadie:  Okay... (running to her bed!)(<--because I said "snack")

Me:  Don't get up until I come get you. 

Zadie: Okay.  Unless I need to go pee-pee?  

Me:  Yes.  Unless you need to go pee-pee.

Zadie:  Or tee-tee?  Or potty?  Or poop?  Or poop-a-loopers? Or tinkle? 

Me: Yes.  All of those, now 

So.  Everyday she repeats that list.  In that order.  In the same tone of voice.  I figured I could document it here on the blog so someday when she is big and grown and I have forgotten all of her cuteness because we are arguing over the length of her skirt or the amount of fabric on her bathing suit, I can remember once her stubbornness was irresistibly sweet.  

That wraps up "Conversations: Episode 1" 

Thanks for reading.

(Did you like my Mother Gothal look on the pic with Zadie.  I was pretty impressed with my nostral-flair-abilities)

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  1. LOL, too cute Heather...I so remember those days!! You're right, cherish these days because they grow up fast! I absolutely love Zadie's response..."or tee-tee, or potty, or poop,or poop-a-loopers, or tinkle" do say the darndest things HAHAHA! Have an awesome week! :-)


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