Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A May Wedding

So the wedding trip went a little like this...

The van door flew open, I stepped out and dusted off the crumbs of the sonic tots and breakfast burrito as I clinched my fists and braced myself for the weekend ahead. A plane ride, graduation party, graduation, rehearsal dinner, wedding, mother's day, and plane ride home... all within 4 days.  Whew.  A moment where you couldn't allow your mind to consider how tired your body already was, because if you gave 2 seconds thought, you might have to peel yourself off the pavement. 

My job was to unbuckle and unload the kids as Denver hurriedly set up the double umbrella stroller for the littles to ride in.  I strapped them down and gave them snacks as I dug through my 2-ton-5-gallon-carryon to find my wallet.  One tiny wallet in a great big purse can be difficult to unearth.  Amongst the boogie wipes, snacks, formula, markers, diapers and... chocolate, somehow the one thing I needed was at the bottom of the bag.   Always. 

I wheeled the littles to the desk with Daxx tottling behind.  Denver (bless his heart) had to drag 3 carseats, and 2 giant suitcases to the check in station.  My job looked easy, all of the sudden.  After I whipped out 2 birth certificates, 1 shot record and a drivers license we could now place the 2 suitcases on the dreaded scale.    (Obviously, we bought these suitcases before the 50 lb weight limit.)  I held my breath as the scale configured the poundage.... and yes!! I was 7 pounds UNDER!!  I wiped the sweat from my forehead and sighed.  

Boarding passes in hand, car seats and ginormous red suitcases checked, we proceeded to the security check point.  Shoes off, stroller collapsed, little-liquid-containing-baggie exposed, phone in bucket, sweat dripping down my forehead (again)... we were through the security check.  Breathing deeper now, feeling a little lighter, we proceeded yet again.  On to the gate.

Zadie: "I need to pee-pee"... 

Me: "Of course you do"

I walk her into the "potty", AKA women's restroom.  I show her the cool plastic-toilet-cover-thingymagiger... and she refuses to sit on it.  Crossing her legs, pee-pee dancing she tells me she no longer needs to use the "potty".  

We board the plane. 

My mom, Dutch, Zadie and I on one side of the isle and Daxx, my Dad and Denver across from us.  

With only 1 trip to the bathroom, we survived to tell about it. Yipppeee.  That was all I could ask for, anyways. 

Now, let me introduce you to the nicest house I have ever spent the night in... The Guggenheim Manor.    Through VRBO you too can stay here.  The man renting it out had the last name Guggenheim, so we referred to it lovingly as Guggenheim Manor.... basically I just like saying Guggenheim.  Guggenheim. (Okay I am done)   But, seriously this was an 8000 square foot, marble floor'd, elevator having, 3 story, 6 bedroom... death trap for babies... I think we counted 78 open outlets, 56 steps, 23 cabinet doors, and... lots of other non-baby-proof items your pediatrician would frown upon.    Fancy, yes.  Amazing, yes.  But... you couldn't take your eyes off the curious little man.  Exhausting. 

But we survived, yet again!!  Yeah!! 

After we settled into the "manor" we had a SUSHI PAR-TAY for my brother, Seth's graduation from Colorado School of Mines. Every tense nerve induced by the plane ride with 3 children was soothed in an over indulgence in the worlds best cuisine... SUSHI!!  Yes, cupcakes can cure many problems, but Sushi... nothing is better than stuffing yourself silly with raw fish and rice wrapped in a thin layer of seaweed.  Sushi.  Trays and Trays of Sushi.... Sushi will be served in heaven.  

After waking up squirrelley early and going to graduation on Friday, we met up with the bridal party for manis and pedis... 

Zadie's very first pedicure!! Little toesies, painted pink, nothing sweeter. 

Okay, I lied.  There is something sweeter.  It is a little girl in sponge rollers.  

Freshly washed damp hair, rolled in brightly colored rollers, curled tight upon a little ones head.... swoon... my heart melted as she ran down the hall, calling for me to see her "cwirlers".  

After many months of wondering what Zadie would do under the pressure of a basket of rose petals and a long narrow isle, my mother had a brilliant idea to set her up with some "flower girl" youtube tutorials.  Zadie set for nearly an hour watching little girls in white dresses walking down church isles dropping ever-so delicate petals to prepare for the bride.

(And do you see the 12 foot potted plant behind her... yea, just another plant Dutch could pull over on himself.  No biggie.)

The day of the wedding, we needed to leave the house at 2:00 pm.  I laid down to rest for 30 minutes with the kids around noon.  As I lay there, warm and comfy I suddenly realize I have no idea how I am going to do my hair.  A moment of panic rushed over my body.  Phone in hand I searched, "Medium Length Hair Styles" on Pinterest and I ACTUALLY did one of them!!  It might be one of the rare times that Pinterest was put to use in my life.  Score!   At 12:44 I hopped in the shower, and  I was in the car before 2:00.  (With an "up-do" and with three kids {and a husband} who were semi-ready) (I even impress myself at times.)

  After an hours drive through the mountains, we arrived at our destination.  Beautiful ranch style setting tucked away in the foothills of the Rockies.  We were wedding-ready!!

We took a short golf-cart-jaunt down the most perfect Colorado tree line road through the mountainous valley, we appraoched the wedding site.  A simple white gazebo overlooking a small lake with a 360 degree mountain view.  Perfection.  The sharp damp air, stinging your exposed skin, while the warmth of the setting sun provided a the most beautiful climate for the union of two precious people.   Small we were amongst such a grandiose backdrop painted by the Creator.

Surrounded by the sky scraping pines, the lush spring valley and the sun shining on the ridge of the Rockies there was a small glimmering jewel, twinkling with joy and bursting with excitement to be wed to her beloved.  

Because I was back with the wedding party watching the flower girl and ring bearer, I got to see the procession from this view.   (Below)  

Captivated by the moment, I stood amidst the trees.  Simply standing and watching, breathing the crisp Colorado air, witnessing the bride and her father walk arm-in-arm, wondering what thoughts were racing through her head as she made her way down the narrow path to a man she had waited so long to wed.   

As the ceremony went on I began thinking.  I have come to a realization: Weddings make me thankful for my husband.  The festivities remind me of the foot of excitement and joy that we started on.  The vows  remind me of the covenant my husband and I made nearly nine years ago and the simple reality that the journey to live out those promises has not been easy, not one bit, but it has been worth it.  

Standing there in a face full of make up, a jeweled tiara and a voluptuous white dress it is easy to repeat those words as the minister recites them from his little black book.  Eyes clinging to each other's, welled with over flowing tears and hope for a future, sometimes we don't realize that the "in sickness and in health" and "for better or for worse" will have to be put into practice.  We mistake "I will love and honor you" with physical desire and emotional connections.  Love and honor are choices, made over and over again each day, while our desires and connections with and for each other may wane over time accompanied with moments of extreme swelling.  

And the simple 6 words that are so easily repeated, "all the days of my life" are so often the most difficult to hold true to.  As we stand at the alter before the ones we love and make public promises to each other that require a lifetime of commitment, we might not consider the sinful nature that lies in us, or the schemes of the enemy to break up the most Holy covenant between man and wife.  We consider ourselves infallible and the world to be on our side.  

The beauty of a wedding day is the celebration of love found, and lives united.  I have discovered that marriage is not built on beautiful bouquets, pretty white dresses and fancy food, but instead it is centered around the promise made to each other at the alter before family, before friends and before our most Holy God who's covenants are eternal.  

Along with hugs, kisses and snuggles, every newly married couple needs to add a measure of grace and truth.

That one day, the world is FOR you, it is FOR your spouse, it is FOR your union.  Others cheer you on and cry by your side, for that one day.  Then you wake up, after the honeymoon and live in the reality that just as the sun shines rays of deep warmth, rain refreshes the parched ground and the cold blows bitterly over the mountains, your marriage will weather life's ailments as well.

The wedding weekend came to a close,  I realized we all survived.  :)  We were all better for it. 

The kids enjoyed every minute, and it was a great time of reflecting for me.  I am thankful for my own marriage, for a man who is more amazing than the day I walked down a long aisle to join him.  My heart continues to find itself lumped up in ball at home in my throat because of the amount of love and honor he has shown me, even in my times of ugliness, he is steadfast and loyal to the covenant we made.  For that I am thankful.  And.  For him.  

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  1. Oh my word! Your little's are gorgeous in these pictures!! Sounds like it went really well.


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