Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Buddha

For my 30th birthday I asked for a purse.  I am brave enough to sport something fashion forward, but when it comes to buying purses, coats, clothing, accessories; I just cannot pull the trigger.  I am the person who buys 3 of the same shirt at gap in white, black and brown.   I am practical.  I like things that "go with everything".

Well, when I was in the market for buying a new purse I commissioned someone else to do it for me.  And, the culprit was... My aunt.  Who has always had fabulous taste.  So. I trusted her.

She picked out a wonderful purse that met all my requirements:
1: Long Shoulder strap
2: Short Handles
3: Leather

The purse she found was one lovingly named BIG BUDDHA.

After carrying my BIG BUDDHA purse for 3 months, I realize where it got it's name.

Just as Buddha's belly is large and round... so is this purse.   Like Mary Poppin's tote, my Big Buddha purse can probably fit a small lamp and a potted plant in side with no problem.

Currently my keys are MIA.  So... I dug through the belly of the Buddha to see if they had been consumed.  I took my purse, dumped it out on the table and this is what I found.... smh (that means "shakin' my head" for those who don't know.  Sometimes I google those acronyms so I don't sound silly asking)

  1. 2 Pens
  2. 3 packs of kleenex
  3. 1 pack of Boogie Wipes
  4. 1 pack of regular baby wipes 
    • (that means I had 5 OPTIONS to choose from when wiping a nose)
  5. Empty RX bottle
  6. 18 recipts... YES 18!!!!
  7. Fruit snacks, fruit roll up, 2 skittles, 1 peanut and multiple wrappers to different candies
  8. Big pile of change
  9. 2 Lotions 
  10. 1 Journal
  11. Play Lipstick
  12. PLAY KEYS!!!! (A set of plastic play keys, but nope... not the real keys I was on the mad hunt for)
  13. A random hand made bean bag that I have nevereverseen before inmylife! (Pictured below)
  14. Dutch's 'Well Child' checkup paperwork
  15. 2 pages of art work
  16. Several bobby pins
  17. 1 pair of earrings
  18. 1 pad of post-its
  19. 1 baby hat
  20. 1 necklace
  21. 2 baby spoons
  22. 1 baby bib (crusty and dirty)
  23. Pictures I actually had "developed" for Daxx's school project (probably the only pictures I have had printed in 2 fail)

This is the handmade bean bag that I found... If it's your's I threw it away.  I am so sorry.  
I will make you a new one if you are upset enough. 

Dutch's Well Check paper work... (see the %1?  I will fill you in later)
Randomness from the depths of the Big Buddha Belly
Art work!!  Most moms probably frame this stuff... my poor kids. 
In the midst of emptying out my Buddha belly, I laughed.  I couldn't believe all that had accumulated.  I love my life.  I love the fact that I had 5 CHOICES to wipe little noses with, or mouths... or butts.  I love the fact that the jewelry probably ended up in my purse as a result of saving a baby's life... or the life of my ear lobes because the tiny tugs on my earrings could rip them in half.  I was also impressed with how prepared I was.  I had spoons, snacks, and a bib, albeit a bit crusty.

It was as if the Big Buddha purse has consumed little bits of my life and kept them for safe keeping, like a a little Buddha turned hoarder. Life can be messy.  Life can be cluttered and disorganized.  And for a mom who finds comfort in being OCD, that can be a bit overwhelming.  But, I choose to look at the mess I had been carrying around with me for 2 months and laugh and enjoy the memory.  Instead of dreaming of days of organization and I embrace these small moments of chaos.  I try my best to savor them.  To think on them and realize that these moments will be gone far to quickly.

I have emptied Big Buddha's belly, and organized it a bit.  I am sure it will be another fun adventure when I clean it out 2 months from now and discover all the things it had accumulated.

(And for the record.  My keys are still lost.)


  1. I found my keys. In the coat pocket of my husbands jacket. Yeah!

  2. I got such a kick out of this! I just got a new purse to replace by big bag purse. I was so tired of always trying to find stuff in that big ole' bag. Such a pain!!!! I got something smaller and more structured. I won't be able to carry as much but I don't care!!!!


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